The DQ of Amherst College

Shamari Sylvan ’13

“DQ, Foo!!!” – a rap by Shamari Sylvan

Yo there’s this group called the DQ

It’s kinda tight

I’m in it now – brand new

Much to my delight

Sing some really dope songs

With cho-re-o-gra-phy

I might just end up playing pong

At the fun parties

The secular co-ed a cappella group on campus

The rest they love to hate on our envia-ble status

Pretty girls, hot guys

Phe-no-me-nal voices

Wanna hear a song? We’ve a million different choices

Julie Moorman – Georgia’s on her mind you know

And Jia’s singing to the DR; wants him all alone

And Molly’s singing with Mark for somebody to love

And Ashley’s singing Mariah; like an angel from above

I remember visiting Amherst

Sitting in Valentine

Marshall Nannes singing Go the Distance

DAMN that dude was fine!

All the groups were fun to hear; they really passed the test

But I’ve got something to con-fess: I liked DQ the best

They came to my room last year to welcome my friend Jeremy

They sang an upbeat song with some really pretty melodies

That all seems really weird cuz at the time I didn’t see

That the next time I would hear them sing that song, it’d be for me

So I’m stoked; I’m pumped;

This year is gonna be so sick!

But oh shit!

I still gotta learn the music!