The DQ of Amherst College

Philip Hendrix ’14

Two thousand and six hundred years ago, in the depths of the faraway land of Zhōngguó, a deadly evil apparition lurked around, frightened the inhabitants and killed their livestock. But the spirit of the land and the ancestors of the mighty empire realized that it is time for someone to stop that damned lord, so they decided to unleash their most powerful force, master of the wind, virtuoso of harmonies, and the almighty bender of emotions: Philip Hendrix.

In order for him to be protected from the harm of the damned lord in his early years, the ancestors created him as a twin.

He grew up nurturing his mighty powers and getting ready to face the evil spirit of the damned lord. Using his mighty powers he swayed the emotions of the opposite gender and forced them to surrender under his charm.

P. Hendrix travels like a shadow so fast that no one has actually seen him accidentally.

Rumor has it that Philip travelled to the Americas to learn and experience the college life and the art of a cappella. Joining forces with the mightiest group on the Amherst College campus… the DQ, the dirty quadru-quadruplets, he managed to improve his powers and acquire new ones to beat the damned lord!!

And he will still follow the steps of his journey to beating the behind of the damned lord!!

So beware, all you ladies, from falling into his magical realm of harmonies… because his voice is irresistible…

But above all!! Beware you damned lord… for Philip Hendrix is coming to beat you…

“What the DQ means to me” by Phil Hendrix

The legend has it DQ’s harmonies

Reach through the ears and in the list’ner’s heart.

The can cure blindness with their melodies.

And of this magic I will be a part.

The legend has it DQ’s blazers white

Define the term of undisputed class.

If one puts it on he or she just might

Have only sweetness coming out their ass.

The legend has it DQ’s gallnat men

Were cast for 300; but turned it down.

It’s no surprise I want to take part in

The coolest group with boys and girls around.

So what does DQ mean to me? I say

That it just means the world in every way.