The DQ of Amherst College

Sarah Gamalinda ’14

Born and raised in the lovely town of Evanston, Illinois, Sarah made the move to Amherst in 2010, where she has already basically learned to speak every language under the sun. Having recently returned from a semester in Paris (where she missed the DQ horribly), she is ready to hit the ground running as a senior. When it comes to a cappella, Sarah is a powerhouse… enough said. To date, she has directed the group for a year and a half, arranged countless songs (including “Get Low” and “Send Me On My Way”), and mesmerized audiences with dazzling solo performances. Some have said her voice is like a mixture of Sara Bareilles, Britney Spears, and Lana Del Rey. Others don’t really think that makes a lot of sense. Either way her voice is sweeter than tupelo honey.

In her off time, Sarah enjoys knitting, baking, and playing the piano or guitar. From quilts to mittens to stuffed animals, Sarah knits like the best of them. She is especially fond of having movies in the background while she loses herself in her projects. Rumor has it that she can recite the entire “Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, but if you turned the volume off, she wouldn’t even recognize it. But then again, it’s just a rumor. You should ask her about it sometime; she’s super nice!

“Singing Girl,” a poem by Sarah Gamalinda

There once was a girl who sang many songs.

She would sing songs all the day long.

But one day, she left her songs behind

To go to a college that she was very glad to find.

And though her time was already great,

She had slept well and not gained much weight,

There was something amiss, but what could it be?

She knew what it was–she forgot to do laundry!

But laundry was only so satisfying.

All was not well even after washing and drying.

Ahah! Why, it was music, but of course!

No time to lose, go straight to the source!

She signed up right away for an audition,

And to great joy it came to fruition!!!

DQ it is and DQ it shall be,