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THESE FACTS ARE KNOWN: the Double Quartet was founded in the 1920s as the top eight men in the Amherst College Glee Club. The members toured and sang with the Glee Club on its travels around the country, but concluded each concert with a set of its own music. The group disbanded during World War Two, and reformed, independent of the Glee Club, in 1947. After two decades of singing locally and internationally, the group disbanded once more due to the loss of many members to graduation in the late 1960s. But the DQ began anew in 1985, this time without restricting themselves to the mathematical limitations of their name. In 1996, the DQ underwent yet another transformation as they became Amherst’s first co-ed a cappella group.

The group today consists of anywhere from 12-16 members, and our repertoire is as diverse as our members’ musical interests. We’re constantly arranging new songs – popular contemporary hits, old jazz standards, and everything in between – and we’ve been known to preserve and resurrect popular songs from eras past. “Hello” and “Button Up Your Overcoat,” dating back to the 1920s, still open our Spring Show every year. Our tours have taken us across the United States and Canada in recent years, and our music, choreography, skits, and white jackets have made the DQ a household name in the households of the group’s members.


Choose a decade to learn more about the DQ over the years, with information from first-hand sources, including DQ recordings and Amherst College Olios.

1920s: In the Beginning

1930s: Glee Club Sideshow

1940s: An Independent Group

1950s: Hitting their Stride

1960s: New Sounds

1970s: The Lost Years

1980s: Rebirth of the Q

1990s: CoeDQ

2000s: DQ Today

2010s: DQ of the Future