The DQ of Amherst College

Rebecca Ruescher

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DSC_0147 copy 2 Rebecca Ruescher’s life was fairly normal; she lived in New York, she had a loving family, and she lived happily. But when at the age of 4 her parents decided to take a vacation into the far reaches of the forest, everything changed. In a series of unfortunate events, Becca was taken from her parents by a pack of wild koalas. These wild beasts were known to be evil and impossible to pacify. In order to stay alive, Becca adopted a strategy: when any koala approached her she just flashed a huge innocent smile and the koala would not only instantly calm down, but be her friend. As Becca passed the years in the forest, constantly smiling, she found she was very bored. One day as she was galavanting around with the koala pack, she found a piece of paper on the floor with black markings all over it and the words “Go the Distance” at the top. Since she had grown up with koalas and didn’t exactly know what singing was, she was initially confused. But being the genius that she is, in a few days time she had mastered the music and became the main musical entertainment for the koala tribe, flashing her smile and amazing the group with her insane soprano range. On a particular Sunday night, Becca was improvising in a tree, singing to herself and hit a high note that no one had ever hit before- so high that her parents back in New York, who had been missing their daughter for the past 10 years, heard it, and came back to the forest and found her. Finally rescued, Becca went back to school and joined the choir where she was hailed as a miracle, given every solo and began to live her normal life again. Today, Becca can be found at Amherst College strolling around singing, still able to wow with those amazing high notes, and able to win anyone over with a flash of her big innocent smile.