The DQ of Amherst College

Brian Min



And on the eight day Brian Min was created. Magnificent in stature and tender in heart, Min was born on the sunniest day in the past two thousand years. The entire land of South Korea rejoiced at his birth for he was said to be the ONE. And the ONE he was, for as soon as he burst out the womb his eyes were lit with wisdom and his throat swollen with song. As his mouth opened, what emerged shook the earth with its reverberation and silenced a nation. The land of Korea deemed Brian’s voice too powerful and fear was spread throughout the land. Loving their country and not wanting to harm it, Brian’s family decided to move to the Bay Area in California in hopes that their proximity to the ocean could nullify the effects of Brian’s voice. But his voice proved too amazing. It was so strong that poor Brian’s body could not handle the power. Eventually, Brian’s voice split into three and while he still holds on to one, the other two were endowed upon two babies; one grew up to become Adele. The other became Beyoncé. Some even say that there is a lost voice of Brian still roaming. Legend has it that if you listen carefully anywhere south of anywhere, you could hear it singing its song to the stars.