The DQ of Amherst College

Sammy Regenbogen ’11

Samantha “Shammy” Regenbogen currently serves as the group’s clash coordinator. By choosing attire for concerts, gigs, and other appearances that is always of an ungodly hue of orange or yellow, she ensures that the group never truly matches. Never without her iPhone, named Patrice, Sammy can always be relied upon to find accurate driving directions, coordinate pizza deliveries, and facebook-stalk wherever Patrice gets service.

Sammy’s first months in DQ were marked by the traumatic realization that her upperclass crush, Marshall Nannes ’09, would probably never date her. She came to terms with this by relentlessly teasing Marshall about a non-existent speech impediment. The teasing was so severe that Marshall was forced to take a semester abroad in the spring of 2008.

A power alto, Sammy’s solo on “Tell Me What We’re Gonna do Now” was widely praised as “a highlight of the DQ’s repertoire” and “woah, that was a girl singing?” In addition to singing, Sammy devotes significant time and energy towards further developing the English language: “snomit, “shortmannigans,” and “in-betweenis” are among her creations. Letters sent to Merriam-Webster inquiring about inclusion in future dictionaries have strangely never been answered.