The DQ of Amherst College

Evan Young ’19



Evan was born at the height of a solar eclipse in a small town just west of Timbuktu. From the moment he was born it was clear Evan was unlike any other man, woman or child in all the lands, as his bountiful talents put all those around him to shame. From his ability to bound over the Rocky Mountains with a single step, and hold his breathe underwater for well over a minute to his undefeated record in competitive collaging, he quickly became a man of legends. Some even say the great Greek god Zeus was created in his image. After having explored every square inch of our planet (and even a majority of the dark side of the moon) and conquering all his foes (and Atlantis that one time), Evan decided to finally settle down at Amherst College in an attempt to live a “normal” life. After realizing sports teams and other competitive clubs offered him little to no competition he decided to grace DQ with his presence. It was here that he truly found his place, a place where he could bless all those within earshot with his earth shattering heavenly tunes and 7 octave vocal range.