The DQ of Amherst College

Stadtler Thompson ’19



Stadtler Thompson—more commonly known as Baby Bear—spent his childhood frolicking on the beaches of West Islip New York with his pet bearded dragon Norbert. He could often be found digging in the sand searching for fossils, as his childhood ambition was to become a paleontologist. But everything changed one fine day in July. Stadtler had just dug up a particularly lovely Coke bottle, and he picked it up to show it to Norbert,when he realized that Norbert had vanished. He searched the beach and the water in vain, and returned home, dejected. To his great surprise, his front door was open when he reached his house. At that moment, Stadtler’s parents, Mama Bear and Papa Bear, pulled up to the house. The three of them entered carefully. In the dining room, they found that someone had eaten all their porridge! Someone had also broken Stadtler’s chair, which made him very angry. The family heard a noise from upstairs, and they ran up, only to discover that Norbert was sleeping in Stadtler’s bed. This discovery—that Stadtler’s beloved pet bearded dragon was not only not lost, he was Goldilocks!—was too much for Stadtler. His only possible reaction was to make a sound so beautiful, so full of emotion, that everyone on Long Island burst immediately into tears, even Norbert/Goldilocks. From this moment on, the Bear family knew that Stadtler’s calling was singing. He made the circuit of all the Bear Reality TV shows—he won American Bear Idol, Bear’s Got Talent, and the (Bear) Voice. But Stadtler’s life didn’t feel full—he didn’t feel that reality TV allowed him to showcase his full list of talents (which include track, football, and Super Smash Bros Ice Climbers, to name a few). Then Stadtler heard tell of a magical place known as Amherst College, where he could explore his plethora of talents. At Amherst, Stadtler made the wise decision to audition for the Amherst DQ, which was the best decision of his young life. Stadtler “Baby Bear” Thompson can be found today digging for fossils on the freshman quad or serenading the dinosaurs at Beneski.