The DQ of Amherst College

Yuki Nakao ’18

One score and two years ago, a baby was born to the world in the faraway land of Japan. They say that the day of her birth, the water of the Pacific Ocean was uncannily tumultuous, resulting in the capsizing of countless ships and the deaths of sailors who drowned in the unknown depths of the sea. Nobody realized it at the time, but the new Avatar had been born, and she was displaying her water-bending prowess. Whenever she cried or gurgled something unintelligible, the water moved to and fro. This baby was a legend in the making.

What people first noticed about this baby, named Yuki, was that she had a surprisingly loud scream for a child, and that she made her presence known through her, at times earth-shatteringly-loud, yell. By earth shattering we mean earth shattering; Yuki’s earth-bending power manifested itself in her ability to move mountains – literally – with her voice. Yuki, the girl with the piercing voice, lived in Tokyo for the first year of her life, then enjoyed a quick four year visit in Hong Kong, and returned to Toyko at age five. (She got kicked out of Hong Kong because whenever she sang, fire came out of her mouth #avatarproblems). For the next fifteen years of her life, Yuki learned the ways of God (and some education as well) at a mission school in Toyko. At this mission school, she also learned how to channel her strong voice into a melodious wall of sound, and quietly practiced controlling the earth, water, air, and fire-bending powers that her singing activated. She then enrolled in the International Christian University (regarded as Isolated Crazy Utopia to those attending), and majored in International Relations as she continued her voice studies. Because of the isolated crazy utopic nature of ICU, in her junior year Yuki embraced the opportunity to leave her isolation and travel the short distance of 10,872 km to Philadelphia to spend a year at the University of Pennsylvania.

As Yuki finished up her undergraduate experience at ICU, she realized that she was nearing the end of the peak of her life, after all, all the fun ends after college, right? So she applied for the Uchimura Scholarship which would allow her to spend two years studying at Amherst College and graduate with another undergraduate degree. Like we have mentioned, Yuki is a legend, so naturally this abnormal, extraterrestrial-like human was awarded the scholarship, which is no small feat, and enrolled at Amherst College.

As an undergraduate at Amherst College, Yuki began her second life, something that of course only an Avatar can pull off. You may view her choice to return to school as her taking her sweet time before facing the real world, or as trying to grow the size of her already immense brain – it simply depends on your perspective. Regardless, she is partaking in college 2.0, a dream for many, in a reincarnated form, as Yuks/the Yukinator, as she is affectionately regarded here. At first, many of us believed that she was a narp, although we certainly hope she is not since she probably would leave the DQ prematurely (narps never seem to stick around long, as we all know from watching 21 and 22 Jumpstreet). Instead, Yuks has informed us that, no, she is not a narp, but rather she is the Avatar. Suddenly, her majestic, flowing movements she makes with her hands while she sings make sense – as an Avatar she can air-bend! While Yuks sings, she bends the intonation, volume, and pitch of her words with her hands, a feat which only the great avatar can achieve.

While DQ knew that they would be welcoming a kick butt singer to their group when they accepted Yuks, they could never have imagined that Yuks would be a legend, the Avatar, an air-bending goddess, and a genius to boot! Yuks may only have two years at Amherst in her current state, and we will enjoy every minute with her as she lives out her second life.