The DQ of Amherst College

Nicole Frontero ’20

It’s not easy to grow up as the smallest member of a wolf pack.

Not only was Nicole the only human in the group, but she was also the youngest. Gallivanting around the woods of Eastern Massachusetts, and specifically Wellesley (zip code 02481), was hard with only two legs!

Nonetheless, like the champion she is, Nicole persevered. What she lacked in fur, fangs, and a wet nose she made up for with sheer athletic talent and determination! Nicole may have been small, but her speed, strength, and coordination were mighty!

One day, running around the woods with her wolfy friends, Nicole came across a hunter with a slingshot. When the villain aimed a rock at her friend Whitefang, Nicole leapt into action. With a slick move that can only truly be described as an “ankle breaker,” Nicole grabbed a nearby “spoon” and performed a “gobble,” thus saving her wolf pack with newly discovered mad lacrosse skills.

Later that day she discovered singing and had a voice like a perfectly timed angel! Then, once DQ recruited her to Amherst College, she wowed the world with her hard work, organization, musical chops, and amazing attitude! She never truly forgot her humble roots in the wolf pack, though, and to this day, if you look hard enough, you can find Nicole running around the Bird Sanctuary on all fours accompanied by all of the professors’ dogs.