The DQ of Amherst College

Danny Keane ’20

Hey guys, don’t you feel the ground shaking? Don’t you hear this deep bass sound like rumbling of the earth?? What is this??? Where does it come from?!?!?!?! Chill, it is just Danny singing. Born in Menlo Park, California, Danny Keane was obviously the first kid in the neighborhood to break his voice- he was merely two-year-old when his voice changed. By the age of five, he was talking with the same voice tone as his dad’s. By the time he entered his puberty, he could not speak without causing small-scale earthquakes.

While no one knows why Danny chose that specific photo for his Facebook profile pic, everyone knows that having human interactions is his third favorite thing to do in his free time. Due to space limitation, description of his favorite and second favorite activities is omitted. Also, this bio does not refer to Danny’s high school experience because he “forgot what happened in high school other than that it was a generally enjoyable experience” (Danny’s remark during the interview conducted on Oct. 12, 2016).

Danny is a self-proclaimed man of gently manners and diligence, but it seems he has fully proven that he is in fact that kind of person. The DQ already adores Danny as profoundly as he adores trees and bears (who adds “trees” in one’s answer when asked to tell a favorite animal?).

This bio is just a brief introduction to the journey of further exploration of Danny Keane’s personality. He thinks that he is “boring” but that is not true. Danny is a dried squid-type of guy: the more you chew, the more complex and deeper taste and aroma you can enjoy (the author deeply apologizes for this overly Japanese-biased remark).