The DQ of Amherst College

Eli Quastler ’21

Legend has it that this booming bass from Berkeley, California began his vocal career after he was given a sign from the a cappella gods above. He was strolling down the street one serene Sunday morning when all of a sudden he saw something strange falling from the sky—it was a shiny Steinway piano about to strike him! As he narrowly avoided the path of this plummeting piano, he shouted in terror, letting out the loveliest low note anyone had ever heard, and all auditors around him were in awe as the luxuriously low tone lingered in the air. This led to a revelation: Eli would spend the rest of his life singing, but never trust a piano again. Swearing off accompaniment of any form, Eli decided that his destiny was to dedicate his college years to the most delectable a cappella group in all the land—the DQ of course. Since that fateful day, the a cappella world has never been the same. This Pacific Coast pescatarian percussively punches pitches in preposterous ranges, and impresses anyone lucky enough to hear him. Rumor has it that every arrangement he touches turns to platinum. What a legend.