The DQ of Amherst College

Teddy Stubbs ’21

Not many people know this, or even believe this, but Rye, New York is the location of the largest hippogriff training center in the world. Teddy’s family members have been the head trainers of the center for centuries, each with a certain kind of training style. Some are able to train them through positive reinforcement, some with dance. Teddy has a gift. By singing to the hippogriffs, he is able to train them better than anyone else at the center. They are especially responsive when he sings a little bit of Queen for them since they can hear the passion in his voice from it being his favorite band. It’s even rumored that he has a hippogriff for every color of the rainbow. Except orange. He is disgusted by orange unless it’s sunset orange. He has traveled across the world to other training centers to help them see the beauty of singing and music that the hippogriffs can see. When he is not traveling and training the hippogriffs, he loves to be out in the water by sailing. Of course, not without a trusty hippogriff to keep him company.

After Amherst saw all of this on his resume, they begged for him to come to the school since the diversity added to the school by having a hippogriff trainer would be enormous. After hearing about his hippogriff skills, Cornell and UChicago joined the battle for Teddy. However, Amherst won over his heart and voice. When Teddy arrived, he knew the place to put his enchanting hippogriff training voice to use and that was in DQ.