The DQ of Amherst College

Daniel Choe ’21

Many, many centuries ago, Daniel Choe emerged from the womb of Troilus, the wife of the Greek God of music, Apollo. Daniel and his parents lived a happy life in the deep caves of the Denali mountain. Shielded away from the mortal world, Apollo trained Daniel to control and master what would come to be his greatest power: singing.

For hours upon hours, Daniel and his father exercised the strength in their supernatural vocal cords, filling the skies with melodious music. They lived among the ancient dragons that taught them the very breathing techniques that get their fire full and rich in quality. Daniel built his stamina every day for 23 hours and 59 minutes, climbing to treacherous heights while belting the infamous tune of “Be Prepared” from The Lion King. It was clear that the boy was shaping up to be one of the most notable demiGods of his time, and eventual heir to his father’s throne.

However, everything changed when Daniel’s father got drafted as a general in the Trojan War. Devastated and frightened, Daniel feared that he would never get to see his father again. He could be gone for years, even eons! Although Daniel would never perish at the hands of mere time, he knew that his skill would falter without his father’s guidance.

Left without much of a choice, Daniel waited. And waited. And waited. He often grounded his fingers into the earth around him and created craters in the mountains from the magnitude of the frequency of his bass voice. But alas, each day his strength got weaker. Daniel, frustrated, and without direction, would explore new curves of the mountains as he pondered over his fate.

It wasn’t until the 4th month of the war, that Daniel discovered something intriguing down below. Something that caught his eye about the mortal world. A city, vibrant with flashing lights and tall buildings. The city that never sleeps. He begged his mother to go live among the simple people. He needed something new in his life. Waiting was wasting away at his potential and his power. He knew that this place needed his astounding voice and his power. It was the only city worthy enough for it.

His mother denied him this freedom, but still Daniel persisted, until one day, he secretly fled the mountains to live amongst the mortals. Yes. Daniel had landed in New York City. New York was an adequate little place for a guy like Daniel. The people adapted nicely to his vibrant energy. He soon found himself a celebrity in the land. Mortals bowed down to his piercing low notes, smooth tone, and expert musicality. He even adopted a pet platypus named, Hirotio and made him into his musical sidekick. He made a home for himself in New York. One fateful night, Daniel was delivered a message from a high priest of the heavens that proclaimed that he couldn’t stay in New York. The Trojan War was raging on and enemy forces were inching closer to the city. If Daniel, son of Apollo, was to be found, he would compromise Apollo’s victory. Daniel was ordered that he go somewhere else for refuge – a place completely different from New York. He would go to the last place that anyone would suspect: the quiet country town of Amherst, Massachusetts.

Daniel effortlessly got accepted into the prestigious Amherst College, where he currently poses as a teen aged human pursuing academic tracks in Economics and Political Science. Daniel practically blessed The DQ a capella group with his presence, and joined his fellow basses to comprise of what is (arguably) the most important voice part ever invented. As war rages on in the heavens, and Troilus watches over her son from the Denali mountain, Daniel will live out his glory at Amherst, wowing unsuspecting crowds with his low range and infectious charisma, all while he will be safe from the threat of evil.