The DQ of Amherst College

The 1930s: Glee Club Sideshow

The DQ of the 1930s continued its role as a sub-group of the college Glee Club. Drawn from the ranks of the larger group, the octet toured along with the Club and sang brief sets throughout the Glee Club shows to warm up the audience and entertain them during intermissions. Its growing popularity is evidenced by the accounts in the Olios as well as an increasingly busy travel and performance schedule. By the end of the decade, the DQ merited two of its own tracks on the Glee Club’s recording of nine College Songs, which would be released in 1940. 

From the 1937 Olio

A highlight of every concert, the double quartet deserves special mention for the part it has played in the Glee Club program this year. Singing an assortment of negro spirituals, college songs, and burlesque numbers, they have invariably succeeded in convulsing the audience and drawing vigorous applause. Gregory and Stilwell sang first tenor, Snowball and Kennedy second tenor, E. Williams and Breed first bass, and Phillips and Howland second bass.

The DQ of the 1930s in the Amherst College Olio