The DQ of Amherst College

Julie Moorman ’11

A Day in the Life of Julie Moorman:

Sunrise streaks into the deco windows of Buckley, and Julie can be found working tirelessly on her groundbreaking concept of a 30-tone scale in a practice room.  Before consuming her breakfast of champions (seven cups of coffee), Julie can be found rewiring the electrical board in the theater, sewing costumes for the spring musical with her own teeth and re-writing Andrew Lloyd Weber’s score to “Evita” because “if you transpose it up another half-step, you can actually see the face of God.”  After another meal of coffee, this time taken intravenously, she re-alphabetizes the DQ repertoire archives while singing all the parts in Wagner’s “Ring Cycle.”  As the sun sets, Julie  “visits” her harem of unconventionally attractive men.  Tearing herself away from their adoring and scantily-clad arms, Julie then goes to play director of the DQ. “Can I take the music home to learn?” she is often heard asking.  Another sleepless night.