The DQ of Amherst College

Molly Jessup ’11

The Mollus Jessupis (more commonly known as the “Molly Jessup”) is a rare genus of the Alpaca, native to Santa Barbara, California. Throughout the seasons, the Jessup can be identified by her long, hippie inspired dresses and gorgeous blond mane. She feeds on all organic items offered in Val that appear healthy and impossible to digest (ex. Bean sprouts, granola, wheat germ, soil, hay).

The Molly Jessup communicates through a beautiful soprano cooing or riffing of her voice part; one can often find her dancing alone in the corner of a practice room, oblivious to the fact that the rest of her herd (the DQ) is trying to learn 7 other voice parts to the song. She demonstrates great mental acuity during such herd gatherings, as she has proved herself capable of simultaneously text messaging, face-booking, and on rare occasion, paying attention to the rehearsal itself.