The DQ of Amherst College

Rachel Stern ’12

dq-rachel-bio-picOn an unusually warm day in May of 1990, Rachel Stern was born on top of a snowy mountain peak in Colorado, and was soon after found and raised by a pack of wolves. Rachel braved the cold until she turned 18 (or 126 in canine years) before being accepted to Amherst College as part of a push for increased diversity in the student population.

For the most part, Rachel claims to be enjoying her time at Amherst. She has learned to blend in with other Amherst students quite cleverly by partaking in a multitude of extracurricular activities, professing a strong dislike for cafeteria food (but a fondness for frozen yogurt), and using highly advanced vernacular like “sketchy” and “creeper” with great proficiency.

Upon joining the DQ, Rachel partook in much exclamation with Sammy Regenbogen over shared birthdays, eerily similar senses of humor and a mutual love for small, furry woodland creatures, only to eventually learn that she is actually Sammy’s long-lost younger sister. How anticlimactic.