The DQ of Amherst College

Rebecca Hu ’12

n1049580812_30487347_4687Rebecca Hu began her singing career at approximately age 2, her then high and squeaky voice making her the perfect backup singer for Alvin and the Chipmunks. However, after several years of being behind the scenes, she realized that she was destined to be a star, and simultaneously found that she was not a chipmunk, but an alto (though these two states are not mutually exclusive; See Sammy Regenbogen). With these discoveries, she decided to move to Amherst, MA and found herself a part of the DQ, which accepted both her alto-ness and non-chipmunk-ness for what they were. Living in Amherst has not proven too difficult for Rebecca, despite the blisteringly cold winters, due to the fact that she has woodland creature burrowing experience, and the fact that she claims Chicago as her homeland. However, she will still bundle up to pretend to fit in with the rest of the Amherst student population – it makes people jealous (or perhaps vicariously freezing) when she walks barefoot through the snow.