The DQ of Amherst College

Andrew Newman ’11

newmanNow featuring the 13th member of the DQ Special Edition Bratz Dolls Collection!© Meet Andrew “Tila” Newman, the sassy and spunky brown-eyed babe of the pack. Bringing in the flava’ of the streets of DC, your Tila will come with his own, refillable handle of tequila. Refill the bottle enough times and your Tila will actually regurgitate! Dress him up in one of his seventeen Amherst College themed T-shirts, or if you really want to see some Tila attitude, put his leather bound “Biz Book” in his pants pocket to see some sparks fly. Tila is so snazzy that he can be posed in either his “pencil pointed in the air before he calls you out” position or his “bending Sammy Regenbogen over on the dance floor like he’s straight” position. And don’t forget to press his belly button for those oh-so-Tila sound effects. Hear him snarl his sexy “rawrrrr” or if you’re really lucky, hear Tila’s famous rendition of “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”

(WARNING: There is no guarantee that he will ever stop singing the Hippo song. Buy at your own risk.)