The DQ of Amherst College

Dan Barnes ’12

dan-barnesDan Barnes was born on a sunny summer morning to happy parents and DQ members Mark Knapp and Dan Cluchey.  So it’s no surprise that he found his way into the DQ.  (Stupid legacies).  At a very early point in his life, Dan decided he would revolutionize the dancing world with his dance move, the “shimmy.”  He is still toiling.  In fact, he is now singing in the DQ, putting the “Star” in “Dancing with the Stars.”  Outside of rehearsing in the hellhole that is the Lorry Pinsof room, Dan spends his time rooting for the New England Cheaters, er, Patriots and the Boston Red Sucks, er, Sox.  In fact, he often wears Teddy Bruschi’s jockstrap and nothing else.

He is also locked in a mortal struggle with Andrew Eddins for the affection of Marshall Nannes.  Stay tuned.