The DQ of Amherst College

The 2000s: DQ of Today

The start of the new millennium coincided with the group’s adoption of a busier recording and travel calendar. Since 2000, the group has released four original albums and toured the U.S. and Canada, with major trips to San Francisco, Key West, Montreal, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and other destinations. Closer to home, the DQ continues to perform in all types of settings, including its own concerts, shows with all of Amherst’s singing groups, Homecoming bonfires, Amherst Symphony Orchestra performances, and the annual holiday concert-parties started in the middle of the decade. Our recent and current repertoire¬†continues to entertain audiences at Amherst and beyond. Yet our traditions have survived across the decades despite all these changes, and every DQ Spring Show still begins with the DQ classic “Hello,” from the 1920s.