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David Marenberg ’09

david-marenbergIn the beginning was David Marenberg, and David Marenberg was with the DQ, and David Marenberg was the DQ.  Blasphemous comparisons aside, David Marenberg is extremely valuable to the DQ.  Let’s put it this way: if the DQ had eight David Marenbergs, no one would complain.  That way, David Marenberg could direct the other seven David Marenbergs because they would all be on the same page.  It would be like they all occupied one mind – one large, David Marenberg mind. 

  You might be asking, “Who’s David Marenberg with in the picture to the right?”  That young lady is Alison Wahl of the famed DQ class of 2008.  David and Alison had a long history.  They dated during Rokstar.  They practically made out every time they sang “When I Fall In Love.”  However, in 2008, it was Alison’s time to go.  David could not bear the thought of losing her, so he borrowed Brian Lewis’ once defunct time machine, rewired a few connections, and reduced Alison to one tenth of her original size.  During all of this, David still found time to arrange “Tiny Dancer” for twelve singers. 

These days, Alison lives in the soundboard of the piano in Room 3.  Knock three times and whisper “Feurreiter.”  She won’t be long. David Marenberg, on the other hand, lives on the roof of Arms Music Building.  Climb the magic beanstalk through the skylight in Suzette’s room.  Once you get up there, whisper any lines you can remember from Ratatouille.  Bring Reese’s pieces.